Natural ingredients = benefits!

We created Morning Miracle drink mix to help you feel better all day long,
get more done, be more productive, combat allergies and congestion,
and improve your mood using all-natural ingredients
backed by
extensive research.


When you drink Morning Miracle, you get functional support to get ahead of congestion caused by allergies or any other reason to promote recovery, and boost energy.

First thing each day, Morning Miracle drink mix can:

    • Jumpstart your body’s systems that remove congestive mucous and allergen build up to get you ahead of your day.
    • Reduce the swelling and pressure that can accompany congestion and mimic it in the nasal passages.
    • Promote recovery (oxidative stress or free radical damage, skin quality, healthy weight) and improve your immune system.
    • Boost energy with packs marked + Energy and a compatible dose of caffeine (also a proven anti-inflammatory) to further boost your morning.
    • Promote hydration and move fluids throughout your system.

Finally, a natural supplement to begin your day with no ingredients that mask symptoms with chemicals like many over-the-counter and prescription options! And with no side effects, headaches, moodiness, or drowsiness.

Our Proprietary Blend

Want to know what to drink for allergies? We combine essential ingredients that clear nasal congestion, itchy ears and eyes, clogged throat, and more – the natural way. With no artificial ingredients and from all-natural sources, each ingredient in our proprietary blend fights symptoms and clears congestion, including:

    • Citric Acid
    • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
    • Purple Butterbur
    • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
    • Caffeine (only in products marked “+Energy”)

Additionally, we lightly sweeten Morning Miracle with stevia, an all-natural sweetener, and use flavors extracted straight from fruit juice. Plain and simple, just the way we like it!

Check out Morning Miracle for a full list of supplement facts.

Miraculous, Right!

Does this really work? Is it comparable to prescription medications? Whatever the cause of your allergies and congestion—pollen, smoke, dander, dust, mold, pollution, and chemicals—Morning Miracle drink works.

All-Natural, All Day, All Ages Relief


Say it with us: “Congestion is so annoying!”

Like millions of people who suffer from chronic congestion caused by allergies or whatever, we tried it all. Pills, nose sprays, eye drops, injections sort of worked (until they didn’t) but were often accompanied by unwanted side effects like drowsiness, moodiness, and headaches. We were always searching for something better.

Your Stomach is a Machine

While researching natural congestion remedies and allergy-busting ingredients, we came across key concepts that led us to a breakthrough.

  • Most congestion- and allergy-related symptoms come from a build-up of allergens—that cause mucus to accumulate in the head and neck (and elsewhere) and also cause nasal tissues to swell, mimicking congestion. Most other solutions barely used one of the body’s best weapons—the digestive system (think 8+ feet from the mouth to, err, the other end)—only to get meds into your blood stream. Much like putting a bandage on a problem that never fully goes away.
  • We put the digestive system to work. Armed with the right ingredients, this system (it is called the “digestive system,” right?) can actually do an incredible job of significantly reduce congestion and fight allergy symptoms.

It took a few years as we experimented with blends of multiple natural ingredients, timing, and delivery methods. We eventually dialed it all in:

  • Engage the digestive system 30 minutes each morning before eating or drinking anything else—without adding many calories or much liquid. We found adding our solution to 4-8 ounces of room temperature water worked best.
  • Use the right natural ingredients (a proprietary blend we developed) to go after allergen and mucus build-up.


Our Eureka! Moment

Morning Miracle was born!

Friends with dripping noses and itchy eyes came out of the woodwork. One, a dentist who bent over a microscope all day for work (and was taking prescription allergy meds twice a day to fight a constant drip), was delighted with the results. Others showed up at our door with sniffles or worse, drank 4 ounces, waited 5-10 minutes, and observed that their sniffles were gone.

Everyone wanted convenient and portable packaging which resulted in the single-serving stick-pack you now see. At first, some suggested we call our formulation “Not Snot” or “Snot Be Gone.” But from day one, this “Morning Miracle” (or “momi” for short) stuck because of the product’s dramatic results and ability to help you own your morning!

Morning Miracle now makes it possible for you to own your morning, every morning. (And mid-days and nights too!)

The natural way.

Works All Day

Every Morning

Whether you’re heading out the door at dawn for sunrise salutations, getting kids ready for school, or driving to the gym, Morning Miracle in 4 ounces of water is the perfect beginning for a better day.

Before Outdoor Activities

Heavy pollen and windy conditions can lead to breakthrough symptoms when working outdoors, hiking, golfing, walking, or wherever you’re going. Sip Morning Miracle from your favorite water bottle while on the move to keep symptoms away. 

Before Bedtime

For an even better sleep, reduce nighttime congestion by adding Morning Miracle to no more than 4 ounces of water (to avoid bathroom trips during the night). Sleep better and wake up ready to seize the day!