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Around the Clock Relief

Morning Miracle makes for better days. Drink one first thing to fight allergies and congestion. Sip another throughout the day to keep symptoms in check. Take one in 4 ounces of water before bedtime to reduce nighttime congestion.

What People are Saying

Truly a MIRACLE!

This might sound dramatic, but this stuff is truly a MIRACLE!

I woke up so congested, with so much sinus pressure and feeling like garbage.

Took Morning Miracle, and I’m telling you within 20 minutes I felt so much better. No congestion or pressure.

Alison A.

No More Cough

I have the annoying constant “allergy cough”, which makes for interesting reactions from others during this Covid mess we have lived through for the past two years.

This has definitely helped reduce my annoying allergy symptoms, including that alienating cough.

Brian C.

I'm Breathing Better

I have to admit that I was very skeptical of this product….but it’s working for me and my son.

I’m breathing better.

It’s actually the first time I haven’t taken Claritin in weeks.

I definitely feel relief.

Ryan H.

10 Minute Relief

Ok, so I wanted to tell you! My eyes were driving me crazy and so itchy. They were all red and started to swell. I took Morning Miracle, and within ten minutes my eyes weren’t swollen or red and itchy anymore!!! It was a miracle!

Al W.

Begin the Day

I LOVE this drink.

Not only does it help with my allergies, but my morning “snot coughs”!

Really does break up the crap.

A great way to begin the day!

Ronda W.

My Daily Routine

The flavors are so good!

It’s so easy to add Morning Miracle into my daily routine and it has been helping my seasonal allergies.


Ashley R.

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